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Consequently, they have helped to create a very hostile environment for anyone whose religious practices do not fit within a so-called mainstream. This set rectifies the situation by presenting accurate, comprehensive, authoritative and accessible accounts of various new and alternative religious movements that have been and are active in American society, and it addresses ways of understanding new and alternative religions within a broader context. Determining what actually constitutes a new or alternative religion is a subject of constant debate.

Questions arise as to a new faith's legitimacy, beliefs, methods of conversion, and other facets of a religious movement's viability and place in a given culture. How a religion gains recognition by the mainstream, which often labels such new movements as cults, is fraught with difficulty, tension, and fear. Here, experts delineate the boundaries and examine the various groups, beliefs, movements, and other issues related to new faiths and alternative beliefs.

Readers will come away with a fuller understanding of the religious landscape in America today.

New and Alternative Religions: Hare Krishna Transformed by E. Burke Rochford (2007, Hardcover)

Volume 1: History and Controversies discusses the foundations of new and alternative religions in the United States and addresses the controversies that surround them. This volume helps readers better understand what makes a new or alternative belief system a religion and the issues involved. Volume 2: Jewish and Christian Traditions explores the various new religions that have grown out of these two Abrahamic faiths. These faiths have found new and devoted followers yet are often misunderstood. Volume 4: Asian Traditions focuses on those new and alternative religions that have been inspired by Asian religious traditions.

From Baha'i to Soka Gakkai, from Adidam to the Vedanta Society, contributors look at a full range of groups practicing and worshiping in the U. Contributions are by various scholarly authors with chapters averaging pages.

Hare Krishna Transformed By E Burke Rochford

Extensive notes follow each entry, along with suggestions for further reading Best purchased for circulating collections. But I think our children are the future of our society. Charie, who lived in Hare Krishna communities with her parents until they moved out in , used to join in the morning prayers and ritualistic offerings of flowers and incense at their home altar.

She repeated a daily mantra, called chanting rounds, and attended evening temple services with her parents on Sundays.

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From this typically teen-age perspective, Charie says she is glad that she did not commit herself to life as a Krishna. The second generation reflects how the Hare Krishna movement in America has become more mainstream over the past decade. Hare Krishnas first entered public consciousness after the arrival of Indian guru Srila Prabhupada.

He settled in New York City, where his message of thinking of the Hindu god Krishna first as an alternative to material culture attracted a handful of followers who helped him establish a temple on the Lower East Side. At its peak in the mid-'70s, the sect grew to an estimated 3, to 4, members living in Hare Krishna communities in this country.

Minute Faith ~ The Hare Krishna Movement

This was caused by the rise of a strong anti-cult movement in the United States and growing annoyance with the robed devotees who pressed literature into the hands of airport travelers. Its farm community near Moundsville, W. One of the teachers pleaded guilty, and charges against the other were dismissed.

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Another case involved a Cypress mother who claimed her daughter had been brainwashed by the Hare Krishnas in the mid-'70s, when she was 15, and had been moved from temple to temple to keep her away from her family. The daughter left the sect on her own after a year. Despite such headline-making cases, the Krishnas seem less visible today, in part because of ordinances limiting airport solicitation but mostly because of changes in the movement itself.

Indeed, the stereotype of Hare Krishnas--chanting monks with shaved heads and traditional Indian garb--is only partially valid. Except for special occasions, most members today wear no outward signs of their belief. Burke Rochford, Jr. Burke Rochford. Email: rochford middlebury.

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Previous Next. Abstract The underlying premise of this case study of the growth and development of the Hare Krishna movement is that frame alignment is a necessary, but largely unexplored, element in recruitment to religious movements. Forgot your user name or password? Log in through your institution You may be able to gain access using your login credentials for your institution. Contact your library if you do not have a username and password.